Catholic Health Association

The Catholic Health Association (CHA) represents the largest group of nonprofit health care providers in the nation. Yet, like others in the industry, they face challenges like rising health care costs, developments in science and technology and changing healthcare laws.

As the leading organization representing the industry, CHA supports its members through advocacy efforts, and, more importantly, make its library of publications and other resources easier to access online.

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  • 2014 Interactive Media Awards: Best in Class Award in the “Association”
  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards: Gold Award in the “Website Overall/Association”
  • 20th AVA Digital Award (2014): Award of Excellence in “Websites-Associations”
  • 20th Annual Communicator Awards (2014): Award of Excellence in “Websites-Associations”
  • 2013 Davey Awards: Silver Award in “Associations”
  • 2013 MarCom Platinum Award in the “Association”
  • 2013 MobileWebAward for “Best Associations Mobile Website”
  • IMA Award 2014
  • 2014 Hermes Gold Award
  • 2014 AVA Platinum Award
  • 2014 Communicator Award
  • Davey Awards
  • 2013 MobileWebAward